Tiny Triumphs 54!

I am right on time this week! Sometimes I even amaze myself! With the Holidays approaching things on the blog might slow down. Jared and I have a few parties that we need to have fun at.

1. Kellen seems to be recovering from the cold that he had earlier in the week. When Kellen gets sick he acts like he is dying. He walks around moaning and groaning. So him getting better is a HUGE thing to me. Plus, I always hate it when my babies are sick and I can't do a lot for them.

2. The boys are excited about the snow. I can't say as I am as excited. They can't wait to find a hill to sled on!

3. Jared and I took an inventory of all the food that we have in the freezer. This was a HUGE job. We have two chest freezers full of food plus the one in the kitchen is full. We also have a third freezer downstairs waiting to be filled up with the half of cow that we bought! So I will only have to go shopping for the small things for the next few week!

4. The litter is still being taken care of. Minus a few issues that we have had.

Have a great week! Stay warm!

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