Tiny Triumphs 53!!!! (REALLY late)

Okay, I am sorry yet again! I am really late on this. I have been getting a lot done around the house. Also, I think I should mention that Facebook takes up some of my time. Hello, my name is April, and I am addicted to Facebook. There that is better! I feel there is a New Year's resolution in my future that has to do with that!

1. The boys put up, put the lights on, and decorated our tree by themselves this year! They say it looks better than ever! I have to agree! Watching them do it all was fun for Jared and I. It made me step back and see that my boys are growing up. I did help a bit with the selection of the ornaments though. We have a kitty that can't leave anything alone so they all had to be unbreakable.

2. I made a turkey dinner last week! Jared and I usually make one ourselves after Thanksgiving so that we can have some awesome left overs. We have had sandwiches that are so good! Also, I made Turkey Ala King. I did this from scratch and the boys loved it! I can see this as a staple in our house!

3. We are almost done with Christmas shopping! I think I have three more people to buy for! And my boys too! I can't wait to do it this year! The boys are at such a fun age, no more baby stuff for us!

4. The litter is still being scooped!

Since I was late I will give you a few extras!

5. Kellen's French Horn practice actually sounds more like music now! I can actually hear a song and sing with it!

6. Ethan and I are reading a lot lately! He seems to be getting better to me.

7. Jared and I went to another M.A.S.H. meeting! I actually let beer connoisseurs taste what we had made. And it seemed that everyone liked what we made!

Have a great week! I hope to be back to the regular schedule by then!

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