Trick Or Treat, Smell My Feet.............

On Halloween we went Trick Or Treating with the Siebel clan. We had a good time. Kate and I were amazed that Kellen and Becca were the ones to go back. We thought that it would be Becca, Ethan, and Logan. But, Logan and Ethan made it the whole time! Kellen claimed that he had enough candy to last him till Christmas so he was done. The neighborhood was a sad place to Trick Or Treat. Very few lights were on so we had to trek a long way between houses.The gang
Another of the gang. We have a Yellow Lego, a Skeleton Ninja, a purple Dragon, and a Self Carving Pumpkin. We called Kellen a Self Carving Pumpkin because he insisted on carrying a knife with him.
Trick Or Treating
Ethan and his haul
Kellen and his smaller haul

We hope everyone had a Happy and Safe Halloween!

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