Tiny Triumphs 51!

The name of the game this week was STRESS! If I have another week like this one I might be forced to beat my head into the wall. The only thing that has stopped me this week is the thought of the headache that I would get. And that would add another thing to my plate that I don't need. Oops....I did not mean to complain. I am going to try to think of the positives from here on out. So here are some positives.

1. Ethan has moved up to the next group in swimming lessons. I was told that he could do it if he tries. He is excited but worried because in the next group he has to swim the length of the pool.

2. Jared, Kellen, Ethan, and I made Root Beer on Sunday! So far there has been no exploding bottles! We shall see how they turn out! We are going to call our "brew" J.A.K.E.'s Boot Reer!

3. We are going to go to the Marshfield Holiday Parade tonight! Should be fun! We have our canned goods all ready to go to help those less fortunate.

4. Christmas shopping is half way done!

There, I feel better now. I see that there is a lot of good going on in this house! It is not all negative. This is good!

Have a great week!

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