Milwaukee Zoo!

Last Saturday Jared and some friends had "Guys Weekend". The guys went over to one guys house and played games and watched movies and had fun all weekend. The girls and the kids all stayed at my house and went out to dinner, watched movies, visited the Milwaukee Zoo, had a campfire, and jumped in the leaves. The jumping pictures soon. They are still on my camera. Kate, the kids, and I all had a lot of fun! We decided that the boys could do it again and we will hang out together. Logan, Ethan, Becca, and Kellen in front of the Zoo sign
A peacock by the garbage can
An ape looking for it's keys in the straw. That is what the kids and I pretended while we were watching him!
The kids checking out the map that shows where all the different kids of primates live
MOON JELLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This was my personal favorite! I could have watched them all day. The kids thought they were neat for about two minutes.
Moon Jellies
Bunch of Moon Jellies
Awwwwww.........A baby Moon Jelly
Some kind of crocodile
Becca and the fish! I was trying to capture both the kid and the fish
Piranha 3-D
Kellen checking out the fish
More Becca and the fish
These snakes were rubbing together to keep warm. Logan knew just what they were doing the minute we saw them
I was speaking my first language that day to show off. Parcel Tongue is such a rare and unappreciated form of speaking. This snake knew just what I was saying. By the way I took English as a Second Language class and can now speak both English and Parcel Tongue fluently.
Moving on we have a mommy camel and her baby
A Rhino. The animals were very active the day we were there. Might have been the fall like temperatures
Elephant butt......A good way to end the day.

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