I'm a Little Acorn........

Last night I made some acorn cookies for the boys to take to school before Thanksgiving Break. The boys loved them and so did their classes! They were easy too!First, unwrap the kisses
Next, get the mini nilla wafers ready
"Glue" the kisses to the wafers with a dab of chocolate icing. I used my icing bags and tips to do this. It made it easier on me.
Then you put a tiny dot of icing on top for the stem. Again, I used a small circle icing tip to do this part. And there you have an acorn! I made about 200 of these in about half an hour. It took longer for Ethan and I to unwrap the kisses than it took me to put them together. I also used chocolate butter cream icing. The store bought stuff is a bit too loose to hold these together. You can buy small tubes of it by the cake decorating supplies.

When I used to teach preschool there was a song I used to sing around this time of the year with the kids about acorns.

I'm a little acorn
Small and round
Lying on the cold cold ground
No one wants to pick me up
Cause I'm such a little NUT!

This was always done while curled up in a ball on the floor! Give it a shot! And while you are at it get a picture taken of you doing it and send it to me. That way I can get a laugh in!

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