Tiny Triumphs 49! A Day Late

Sorry about not posting last week and for being late this week. We have been so busy that I just plain forgot. Last week, my dad was in town so we spent the few days that they were here with them. This week has been non stop fun. So on with the triumphs!

1. Jared and I bottled our first beer that we made ourselves. We will see in another few weeks if it is any good. We also attended a M.A.S.H. (Marshfield Area Society of Home Brewers) meeting last night. We got to try many beers! By the end of the night they all tasted the same to us. We will be joining this group as it is a fun way to learn a few things.

2. Kellen is still keeping up with the French Horn. He has gotten better so now I don't get quite as many headaches as I used to.

3. Ethan is really doing better with his reading. He was put into a special group to help with his phonics and a few other things. I can see an improvement even after just a few weeks.

4. The litter is still being taken care of! It has been a little over a year since we got Lily and the boys are doing a wonderful job at taking care of Lily and K.C.! I love that they are taking the responsibility!

Have a great week! I will try to do the triumphs on the right day next week.

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