Tiny Triumphs 50!

WOW! I am at 50 already! I can hardly believe it! This week has been busy but great! Jared and some of his friends had "Guys Weekend" this past weekend. So, Kate and her kids stayed here. We had a blast! We went to the Milwaukee Zoo! We also had some fun. We decided that we could allow the guys to do it again.

1. Kellen started All City Band. This is where all the 5th graders get together and play to get ready for a concert later in the year. All I heard was a ton of noise.

2. We had some pretty good conferences with the boy's teachers this week. There are a few things that need to be worked on but overall the conferences were good. The boys were rewarded with books!

3. Swimming lessons are going great!

4. Our second 4-H meeting was on Monday. It will be fun once we get into the activities. The Teche Family is going to be delivering some bags of food to those less fortunate than we are. We will do this soon.

5. The litter is still being taken care of!

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