Tiny Triumphs 41!

What a crazy week it has been! Getting back into the school thing is kind of hard. Especially because we start fifteen minutes earlier than we did at the old school. But the up side of that is we get out earlier!

1. The first day of school went well for the boys! They said that they met some kids! I was a wreck for them. They held it together better than I ever remember doing when we moved.

2. Jared bought us a composter. It is HUGE and shaped like the Death Star or so I am told. Chick HERE it see it.

3. More canning, freezing, and drying has been done!

4. The litter is still being scooped!

Have a great week! We will be heading to the Central Wisconsin Fair this weekend! I think I will sit outside tonight and see if I can hear the Beach Boys.

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