The Fair 2010!

On Labor Day we took the boys to the Central Wisconsin State Fair. We were there for a long time but we had a great time! Plus, we even got a Christmas present there! We looked at what all the 4-H kids did. The boys got a good idea as to what they can do in 4-H. They are going to be joining later this month. A cute idea! Don't look Ben and Marie.
The boys and a nut cracker
We saw a show and the boys got to feed a lamb. Up above is Kellen feeding the lamb
Here is Ethan feeding the lamb
The boys helped carry the lamb back to where it's pen. Up above is Ethan carrying the lamb
Kellen carrying the lamb
April and the boys waiting in line for the Ferris wheel
This was taken right after everyone under 20 was crying. Also, this was before Kellen started feeling sick. It was not a good ride all in all.
Ethan riding the dragon
Ethan looking bored on the slide
That is what his face looked like all the way down
Ethan in the bouncy tiger
Bouncing out of the tiger
Ethan on the carousel

We saw all the animals and even saw a few cows being milked. Which Kellen has not seen. The boys had some good times and so did the adults!

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