Mead Wildlife Area!

Today I went with Ethan's class to the Mead Wildlife Area. It was a fantastic field trip! I think the kids really learned a lot! I learned a few things too!This is a wasp nest that was hanging from the ceiling in the classroom
Some pelt in the class room
Tom talking to Ethan
Tom and Mobly. Mobly, is a Great Horned Owl. She was taken from a nest as a baby by a man who thought it would be neat to have a pet owl. She has never been around other owls and does not know how to hunt. She sees herself as a human. When she looks in a mirror and sees herself she gets scared. She does not know that she is an owl. She was a BIG hit with the kids!

We got to go see the wetlands! The kids really loved the hands on part of this. I got to use a net and drag it in the pond. Then we brought it up to a table and got to look and see what we found. I did not think that we got much the first time but I was wrong. We saw Water Boatmen, fly larvae, damselflys, scorpion bugs, tadpoles, and Zooplankton. We saw a whole bunch more that I can't remember. Then kids above are in my group. They are checking out what we have in our bucket.
Damselfly Larvae
The tadpole

We had a fabulous day! It was a great field trip and I had a blast! Ethan and my group loved every minute of it and we were outside all day! I would highly recommend a visit if you are ever near here!

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