Track and Field Day

Today was the 4th and 5th grade District wide Track Meet! I went and filled out ribbons and got to see all the kids compete that I have known since Kindergarten. They are all growing so fast. I was cheering for all the Luther kids! I think that they all did well! It was a great day! It was hot and humid and I thought that I would melt but the kids had fun.

Kellen picked the events that he competed in. He picked the discus, hurdles, 50 meter run, and the tug-o-war. The running makes him not my son. The hurdles makes him not mine either. When we did the track day at our school I would only do the events that I did not have to run in.This is the only good picture that I got of Kellen that he knew I was taking. He hates to have his picture taken and has to hide behind his hands or anything that is handy.
Case in point, hiding behind a banana
Kellen running the 50 meter
Kellen throwing the discus. He placed third in this event
Kellen is in the red shorts doing a hurdle. He did not even knock one over. I was amazed!

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