Tiny Triumphs 27

Week two is almost done and Jared is going to be home soon! That means that we only have two weeks left here in Fort. I am excited but I am also scared and sad. We have made some good friends in the area that we will all miss. I have also been in the school helping out for a few years now and I will miss the kids and the friends that I have made there. We will also be moving further away from family. I know that we will be back to visit but it does not seem like enough. I also want to tell all my friends and family that we always have room for you to come and stay with us. Marshfield is not that far away either. I guess as the time comes closer I am remembering more good times and getting kind of sad.

1. More boxes have been packed!

2. Kellen has finished his Roman Colosseum project! Pictures to come tomorrow

3. The count down has begun to the end of the school year!

4. The litter is still being scooped!

Have a good week! I know that we will!

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