Tiny Triumphs 25

What a week it has been! Busy packing and getting ready for the move. Also, it seems that the kids have more and more things to do as the year is coming to a close.

1. Today is my last day at work. I will miss it but I have lots of things to do to keep me busy.

2. Jared's last day of work is Friday! He then starts his new job on Monday. Send good vibes to him on Monday!

3. Ethan and I are going to the zoo with his class on Friday. Ethan is excited that I get to ride the bus with him. I am not so sure that riding the bus with two classes of first graders. Should be a good time.

4. Kellen is still working on the Coliseum for his project.

5. The litter is still being scooped!

Have a good week!

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