New Place!

On Saturday we went up to Marshfield and checked out a few places to live. We saw quite a few newer places and one older house. A few of places has a shared wall and we were not sure if we liked that. The one we decided on is a single family home. It has three bedrooms, a bathroom (the landlord is adding another before we move in), a fenced in yard, central air, newer furnace, insulation, and so much more. Plus, I am allowed to paint and plant a garden!This is the side of the house.
The front of the house
Another of the front. I did not take any of the inside because there were people living there and it was not really fit to take pictures of. I will get some when it is empty. Also, I forgot to tell you that the landlord said that if when our lease is up in three years we can buy it from him. If we fall in love with it we just might.

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