Ethan's Class At The Zoo!

On Friday I went with Ethan's class to the Madison Zoo! I got to ride the bus with the kids. I do have to tell you that riding the bus as an adult is not as much fun as it is for kids. When we got to the zoo I was in charge of three kids, Ethan and two friends. I also want to say that it was my child that caused me the most problems. Why is that?Ethan reading a book on the bus
Ethan showing me the skeleton in the book
Seeing how long his arms are.
My three monkeys
I did not know that giraffes could lay down
The kids pretending to pet the tiger as it walked past the window
Ethan and the other two under a tree
A pretty flowering tree
Ethan spreading his wings

We all had a fun day. I just have to say that next time I think I will insist on driving myself. I can't handle the bus very well anymore. The kids were all tired out by the end of the day. Some even slept on the way home.

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