Animal Kingdom

We spent a day at Animal Kingdom! It was fantastic! The animals, rides and so much more! We had a beautiful and HOT day! Jared, Ethan, and I by the welcome sign
Kellen by the welcome sign
We saw a show called It's Tough To Be A Bug. It was 4D. There were smells, water squirting, things poking you in the back and butt, and things flying right at you. It was GREAT! We saw it twice! It was entertaining and air conditioned! The above picture is Ethan in the 3D glasses
Kellen in his 3D glasses
Jared in his 3D glasses
A giraffe in the Tree Of Life
The Tree Of Life
A joey climbing into his mom's pouch
The boys by a bird that was carved into the Tree Of Life
A turtle
Can you see the spider carved into The Tree Of Life?
The Tree Of Life is amazing! Above is a sea horse
A rhino
A fish. I loved The Tree Of Life! So there are a lot of pictures of it
An ant and more
Another view of The Tree Of Life
A lizard, which are like bugs down there, showing off for us
A lobster
The light poles at Animal Kingdom
We went on a safari and saw all kinds of animals! Above are pelicans
A giraffe
Another giraffe
An elephant
Greater flamingos
The boys and Pooh
The whole family and Pooh
The boys and Eeyore
The whole family and Tigger. When we were done meeting Tig he took a break and walked out behind us. He then stole Ethan's hat and put it on someone's head. Ethan got a HUGE kick out of it
We went and saw the Nemo show! It was GREAT! Above is a picture that I took during the show
At the entrance to Dino Land
Aladar from the movie Dinosaur. This was outside of the Dinosaur ride. It was very scary and we did not go on it again
Dino skull
Monkeys or apes or whatever
Ethan cooling off in a fountain
Kellen cooling off
Jared getting a cool down
Now I know I am cool enough but it was HOT! So I needed to be more cool
An ape
More of The Tree Of Life
The Tree Of Life

We had a great day and a lot of fun!

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Anonymous said...

Love the pics :)
Glad you all had a great time.
Kellen talked all about it when he was at the farm.