Magic Kingdom Day Two

Magic Kingdom day two! Jared and the boys waiting for the shuttle
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad!

Ethan playing at the Tom Sawyer island
A lizard
Me and the boys
This is what we call stroller fail. I don't know if you can tell but that is an adult all scrunched up sleeping in the stroller
Kellen and Ethan
Sign from the Pirates Of The Caribbean ride
A view from the top of the Magic Carpet ride
The boys checking out the Swiss Family Robinson tree house
The boys by a Tiki
The boys and Booster
The boys in jail with Zurg
The boys with the Pluto statue
The boys with the Dumbo statue
The boys with the Goofy statue
Walt Disney and Mickey
The boys with the Donald statue
The boys with the Pinocchio statue
Me and the boys by the Walt and Mickey statue
The boys and I with Rafiki from The Lion King
Elephant from the Jungle Cruise
Animals from The Jungle Cruise
Guys being chased up a pole from The Jungle Cruise
Hippos on The Jungle Cruise
Ethan trying The Sword in the Stone
Kellen giving it his best shot
Jared giving it a try
Even April took a shot
The boys climbing the bean stalk
When we stopped for snacks we had a duck standing at our feet begging for some too.
The castle all lit up at night
One night we stayed late to see the fireworks. We actually left and watched them from outside the gates. There were so many people spread out to watch them that we could not find a good spot to sit. Also, with the people trying to get a good spot there was no waiting on most of the rides so we rode a few more rides instead of getting a good spot

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