Magic Kingdom Day One

We spent two days last week at Magic Kingdom! One day was just not enough. We all had a great tiring time. It is a lot of work to be on vacation. We made use of speed pass. It was great! You slid in your admission ticket and got a pass and it told you when to come back. When you came back you went right to the front of the line! Only a few rides have it but we used it when we could. Jared in his mouse ears
Alice in Wonderland
A sun from It's A Small World.....Speaking of a small world, we saw a family at Magic Kingdom that we knew. Their youngest was a pre school classmate of Ethan's. How weird is that?
Monkeys from It's A Small World
I opted to get the headband that Ethan is sporting above instead of an ear hat.
Ethan doing a pirate in his pirate ears
Kellen in his ears
The castle from the top of the Dumbo ride
Kellen and Jared in their Dumbo
The boys posing
April and Ethan in the Tea Cup ride
Buzz Lightyear, the Buzz ride was a favorite. You got to shoot and rack up scores. We had to go on this twice
The boys with a Little Green Man
Kellen and Jared in their car. Kellen drove and Jared pushed the gas
Ethan driving
April eating the first meal at Magic Kingdom
Ethan eating the first meal at Magic Kingdom
Jared eating the first meal at Magic Kingdom
Kellen eating the first meal at Magic Kingdom
This is from the Monsters Inc. laugh floor show we went to. The show was different every time that we went and we went twice. They choose people out of the audience and put them on a big screen. One of the times we went April was chosen! She was wearing her Mickey headband and the guy above said she could be his sister
The Monsters Inc. logo
Ethan waiting in line
Kellen waiting in line
Mickey bushes
The first shot of the castle
The boys watching the fish in the water. Look how close the crane is on the left
Jessie from Toy Story 2
The monkey from Jungle Book (I think his name is King Louie)
The Genie
Chip and Dale
A guy on stilts
Ethan in the shuttle on the way to the park the first day
Kellen and Jared in the shuttle on the way to the park the first day.
We went on all of the rides! The only one that we missed was Space Mountain as it was closed. The boys said that they loved Splash Mountain. I did not. I don't like that 50 foot drop at the end. But we all went on it.

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