Hollywood Studios

On day 3 of our vacation we went to Hollywood Studios. We got a late start to the day and it was HOT so we were not up for very much standing in line. The boys standing by a Tigger cut out
The boys on a Disney bus
The High School Musical parade
The boys by the big hat
Not a very clear picture and I can't remember what it is called. This was outside the Star Wars ride. It was a favorite of Jared and the boys
A cool street that was painted
A bee from honey I Shrunk The Kids play area
The grass from the Honey I Shrunk The Kids play area! The boys loved it here and there was all kinds of huge stuff to play on
A big thing of Play Doh. That lady in red would not move out of the way
The boys by a cool set
I don't remember what these are called
Kellen on the speeder
Ethan going really fast on the speeder
Jared took a turn
The boys by Sylvester Stallone's hand and feet prints
Ethan seeing how his hands compare to the guy who played the Beast from Beauty and The Beast
Kellen checking out Steve Martin's hands
April checking out Minnie's hands
Jared comparing his hands to Mickey's
Leonard Nimoy
Pee Wee Herman
R2-D2 and C-3PO
Alan Alda
From the Stunt Show
Herbie the Love Bug
Half of Herbie. He somehow got cut in half
A car on it's side in the stunt show
A guy on fire in the stunt show
An explosion at the end of the stunt show
All the cars and guys in the stunt show
Mickey Mouse Air
The boys posing by a Coca-Cola vendor
A monkey tied to a fire work
Kellen in Buzz Lightyear's box
Ethan in Buzz Lightyear's box. I love the face on him
The boys and Prince Caspian. That is as close as we could get Ethan to go
Ethan being strange
Kellen giving me his "I am not amused" look

A lizard
A close up of a Mickey bush

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