We spent a day at Epcot! It was the last day of our Disney tour. We had a great day! The boys loved all the hands on things to do. The first look at Epcot
We are all up there. Kellen is in the white hat. Ethan is in the green one. Jared is in the blue one and I am sticking my tongue out
Ethan driving
Kellen driving
The boys playing a game like shuffle board. They had to push the energy around to make new cities
The boys by a cool car. There was a ride called Test Track and we all loved it! On the ride we got to see how it felt to be in a race car going at full speed. We went on it twice
Jared and Ethan in a H3 truck
Kellen in the H3 truck
The boys playing the area of sidewalk that shot water up at them
Outside the Nemo ride
The puffer fish from Nemo
The boys by the squid from Nemo
Dory and Marlin
Sheldon from Nemo
The boys trying to catch water drops that shot up in the air
The boys by a Samurai with their "swords"
A koi pond
A closeup of the koi
The boys and Pluto
The boys and Mickey
Me giving Mickey a kiss and the boys too
A model village that had trains running through it
A train
Kellen making music just using his hands
Ethan doing the same
The boys are in this picture somewhere. They stepped on the pads and music would play. They loved it! I thought it was kind of like that huge piano in the movie BIG
This ride would have been great. But, we did not get to do the whole thing. The ride broke down while we were in it. It looked like it was getting interesting at that point

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