Tiny Triumphs 35!

This week has been quite eventful up here in Central Wisconsin (or as some call it Lower Canada). I love having a week to get some stuff done that I have not had time to do. The house is mostly decorated for Halloween! Ethan's birthday party is next weekend! He is having a costume party with friends. I have some fun treats and some spooky games to play! I will take lots of pictures.

1. I went live on the phones on Tuesday. YIKES! I was asking question after question. By the time one o'clock rolled around I am sure that they were glad to see me go. Not really. It went well I think. I know it will get better.

2. Jared and Kellen are signed up to take the Hunter Safety class! They think that they will be going hunting next year.

3. Ethan is loving helping me decorate and keep track of who is coming to his party.

4. I forgot a few weeks ago that we went over to Mike and Kate's house and helped with the turkey killing. Actually, the boys helped I played with Becca. Kellen actually killed one all by himself. He helped pluck it and gut it and everything. It will be their Easter turkey. I have a few pictures of the boys helping. I have to say that I am an awesome mom. I let the boys bring home some feathers from the turkeys. The gross me out so they have to keep them in their rooms and never make me touch them. I also have to say that I pulled out some turkey feathers all on my own! I have garden gloves on and I did it with a pliers. Then I washed and sanitized my hands and threw out the garden gloves. I will have to put some pictures up so you will believe me!

Have a great week!

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