Party Like It's Your Birthday!

On Sunday we had Ethan's 9th birthday party! We had a costume party with lots of spooky food. On the menu was mummy dogs, cheese fingers, carrot eyes, pumpkin rolls, and of course blood to drink. We also had some fun games and craft things to do. I think I had as much fun as the kids did!Where's Jared, oh, I mean Waldo?
And his wife Wenda!
Ethan the Evil Gnome. I thought that I got a picture of Kellen but I guess I was mistaken. I will get one of him in his costume at the 4-H party.
The kids painted and glued some cool stuff on pumpkins
Kellen's Pumpkin
Ethan's pumpkin
We also bobbed for apples. Here is Kellen getting the water out of his eyes after he had bobbed. By the way, is bobbed a verb? Can I use it on it's own in a sentence?
Ethan under water
Ethan caught an apple
Becca and her apple
Logan the vampire got one too!
We hid some toys and candy in a straw bale and let the kids loose to find it all. They loved this and went back to it many times to see if they missed anything. I still have to go back through it to see if they missed anything.
The kids in the straw
The monster cake that I made. I even made the fondant that made the mouth and the eyes. He was filled with green vanilla pudding! YUMMY!

I think this was a Birthday that Ethan will never forget!

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