Tiny Triumphs 34!

Well it has been a very interesting week here. Jared has been out of town a lot of the week. He is in training and says that the new things that he is learning is started coming together. I just can't wait til tomorrow when we can all relax!

1. Jared is doing very well in school! He is getting an A in the class he is in! His test and discussion summary from this week were used as examples to show the rest of the class the best ones! I am so proud of him!

2. I started my new job on Monday. Training was very confusing but things are starting to come together. I hope that when I go live next week I will do okay.

3. The boys are getting excited about Halloween! They are my kids! Ethan is also planning his costume birthday party!

4. Ethan has improved his reading so much in just one year! He no longer has to be in the special reading class! He loves that he does not have to miss things and have more homework.

Have a WONDERFUL week!

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