Tiny Triumphs 36!

It has been a wonderful week here in Central Wisconsin. The weather has been beautiful (with the exception of today). It has been warm and sunny! I have been loving it!

1. Ethan and I went on a field trip to the School Forest. We had a blast! The kids had four different activities to take part in. I helped run one activity. We learned to identify 10 different leaves. I learned so much. Then we went on a hike. Up Dead Man's Hill. Well, Ethan and I kicked it butt! Do hills have butts? Maybe we kicked it's up slope!

2. Kellen was chosen to compete for a place in the Sail art program. He has to go to school early and show them some of the art that he has done. Plus, he has to work on two projects while he is there. If he is chosen to be one of ten in the district that gets to participate, he will get to be in a special art class. The art class is a full day of some things that he will not be able to do in his art class at school. They can do things like stained glass or jewelry. I will let you know if he is chosen.

3. We are almost ready for Ethan's birthday party this weekend. Now all I have to do is shop for food and everything else. I guess I should have said that the party is all planned. Now all I have to do is get it all ready!

4. The house is all spookified. Just a few more touches and we are ready for the party and Halloween! Halloween is my favorite holiday ever! The costumes are here and ready to be put on! I can't wait to put mine on!!!

Have a great week!

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