Turkey Lurkey!

A few weeks ago we all went out to the Siebel farm to help with getting the turkeys ready for the freezer. Kate was very patient with Kellen and Ethan. Both boys helped pluck the bird. They watched her behead it. I even watched. I am not sure if I will ever be able to eat turkey again. The boys were fascinated by it. They got to touch the feet and pull the tendons to make the claws open and close. The loved seeing the insides of the bird and feeding it to the dog. They really loved showing me all the bits to see if I would be grossed out. I was! I have to say that I watched some and then walked away. Now, don't fall over dead on me or anything but I actually helped! I plucked two feathers! I had gloves on and used pliers so I did not actually touch any ick. The feathers are harder to pluck than I would have thought. I had to use my abundant muscles.

Kellen actually killed a bird by himself (with help) and then said that it was not that bad. He said that since they were raised as food it was fine. It was not like it was a pet. And as I thought about it I don't think it is any worse than killing a frog to dissect in school.

So on with the pictures! If you are grossed out easily like me you may want to skip the pictures.The turkey
The boys plucking the bird. They kept a few of the feathers from this. The only rule is that they can't come anywhere near mom.
See I did it!
I did not get too close though. I kept the worst of the pictures back so you can thank me later. I also have to say that I was disappointed that I did not get to see a chicken run around with it's head cut off. Or in this case a turkey!

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