Tiny Triumphs 32!

It has been another busy week here in Central Wisconsin. We are still trying to get into the swing of things with school started. It seems that there is a lot of homework for both boys. Kellen usually gets about an hour of homework and so does Ethan. Have I mentioned before that I HATE homework? I hate it for me and I hate making them do it. But, I have to make them do it even if it is no fun. I am into having fun so this is rough. Just wait til next semester when I am in school and doing my homework right along with them.

1. The garden that I rent is all taken down. All that was left was tomatoes and those were not doing well. The tomatoes caught blight and were going down hill fast. So the boys and I went in and cleaned up our plot. I plan to rent this plot again and most likely another. I covered a few things in the back garden last night. I want to save the eggplant that I found out there and the melon that it growing. We shall see if any of it lives.

2. I found the coolest window crayons ever! They write on the windows great! Crayola makes them and they come off very easily too! I use them to write notes to the boys on the bathroom mirror when I have gone to the gym.

3. Jared and I have actually gotten up and gone to the gym this week! It is a step in the right direction. On another note my chlestorol was checked today and it went down by 67 points! That is awesome!! Just had to share!

4. The boys seem to love their new teachers! They are both new this year so they were a little nervous about it. But who would not love Kellen and Ethan?

Have a good week!

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