2000 One One, Let's Have Some Fair Fun!

Sorry this has taken a week to get up! I have been so busy! Jared started school this week and we are all adjusting to that. We just have to get how things are going to go figured out. Slowly we are working on that. So on with the fair. The boys had a blast as we were there every single day of fair. We all got in free so we figured why not use the passes. Grandma and Bumpa came up on Saturday and Great Grandma and Grandma Schumacher came out on Sunday!

Jared and I love the bulldozer game that most fairs have. You know the one that you put a token in and the arm slides forward and pushes everything up. The hope of the game is to win more tokens to keep going. Well, now the boys are addicted to it also. We made friends with the woman who ran it and got better prizes because of it. She loved the boys and would put special things up close so they were easy to knock off. They can't wait til next year to play again.This is Ethan being judged. He got a ribbon for everything that he entered in the fair as he is a Cloverbud (youngest 4-H members).
This is Ethan petting Mr. P (the boys called him that)
Ethan's jalapeno that he helped grow so he entered
Ethan's Hamburger no bake cookies!
Ethan's bird house
The Easter wreath
Kellen's S'more Granola Bars! First place, baby!
Kellen's second place pants!
My second place cactus
This is a bird feeder that I made and it did not even place. I think that no one knew what it was. But I love it! Aunt Sherry, you did not see this picture!
My beer bottle picture took fourth
Goldfish races were also held at the fair. It was a free game that the kids had to scoop up as many fish as they could in a minute. Ethan was great at it!
There is Kellen trying his hand at it
It is hard to be stared at
The ladies all dressed up!
These were the wild ladies!
Kellen being judged on his rocket
More judging! First place again!
His Lego fish bowl!
Here he is with his creation
Being judged. He got second place on his Lego fish bowl
The first place rocket!
Petting a bunny
Ethan and a tiny bunny!

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