Fun In the Pool

We spent the weekend in South Beloit with Nana, Papa, Lexi, and James. We all stayed in a hotel with a pool. It was a nice pool and everyone had a wonderful time. We were all tired when we got home but it was a good tired. We just were not impressed with the 8 inches of snow in our driveway.We had to spend some time outside the pool for a bit. The pool was closed because of an accident. So we played some air hockey. Kellen above is ready to go
Getting a little more serious now.
An action shot of Ethan
Lexi being goofy
Papa playing
Lexi playing
Ethan gave Lexi "swimming lessons" while we were there
Papa playing with the three boys. The game was to try to squirt water up the other person's nose. Sounds like fun doesn't it?
Ethan on Papa
Splash fight!!!
Papa using Ethan for a shield.
Kellen jumping
Up close Kellen. His eyes are looking kind of bad. But that is what happens when you hit the water with your face repeatedly.
Lexi relaxing after a long day at the pool
Ethan deep in thought
Kellen relaxing after a long day
James almost asleep
Ethan jumping in. This was his cat jump.
Monkey jump
Ethan swimming

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