Tiny Triumphs 6!

Well, it has been a great week! It is so cold out here that your boogers freeze when you step outside and take the first breath. But it was a good week!

1. I have lost 4.4 pounds! Weight Watchers is a bit easier to follow now that I can eat all the fruit and vegetables I want!

2. Our bed would not fit up the stairs :( We had to send it back. But we have now made the doorway taller and the bed is coming in on Tuesday! So only five more nights on the mattress that we have now!

3. Kellen has been doing all the laundry in the house! I love it! I still sort it and put most of it away but he does the hard work!

4. Ethan folds and puts away the towels! He does a good job! He even does pillowcases!

Have a wonderful week!

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