Oreo Cake

I broke out my cake decorating tools again today. They had been put away since Christmas. I have not had any real need lately. I had a great time doing this one. I also tried some new things. Let me know what you think.The bottom half of my cake. The white frosting is a dam to hold all the filling in the cake when I put the other half on top. The filling was something that I tried for the first time. It is chocolate ganache. Which is just chocolate and cream blended together. I then added some cut up peanut butter cups in it. Let me tell you it is good.
The top half on the bottom
Frosting is on now I have to smooth it down
Stuck some Oreo minis on the cake after I did the borders. Gave them eyes as I am sure you can see.
The finished cake
I need to get this guy to stop eating the cake.

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