I got my new camera in the mail today and had to test it out. I actually won it! So free is good. It is a Canon Power Shot. I took the boys out and braved the snow for some cute pictures. Let me know what you think. I kind of like it! It is not as small as I would like but I think I could get used to it.Lily
Kellen jumping off a log
Kellen forgot to tuck his shirt into his snow pants. He remembered this when snow went up his back. So he stood right out there and tucked in his shirt.
Ethan at the top of the climber
Kellen standing on a table. Look at the picnic table behind him. Only about 6 inches of it are showing.
Kellen going down the slide
Ethan sliding
Look Mom No Hands
Tossing the snow
Ethan is the King this time
Cute Ethan
This picture is of Ethan at age 4. It is one of my favorites. I made him sit like this today so I could retake the picture.
Ethan at the age of 8
Kellen died in the snow. He even put the snow on his face to look more convincing. The things he will do for a joke.

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