Tiny Triumphs 48!

It has been a great week here! But there is one bad thing. My camera is doing some throes of death. Not good. What will I do without it? I am thinking that I will take it in and get it cleaned and looked at. Better than a new camera. I am just hard on cameras I guess. This one is less than two years old. It should be all better soon.

1. Ethan has survived to the ripe old age of 8! Not only that be the other three of us have survived also!

2. Jared and I have been painting upstairs and plan to finish tonight. Then we plan to move things upstairs this weekend. It has taken four and a half months but it is almost done. What was done upstairs was a bathroom was put in where there was a large closet. A large closet was built where there was none. There was a small windowless room put in. And the floor was refinished. Dave (our landlord) is coming to finish the floors tomorrow. Then we will have a WHOLE floor for just Jared and I! We can hardly wait!

3. Cake class is going well!

4. The litter is still being scooped!

I will have some pics of the upstairs once the camera is working again!

Have a good week!

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