Tiny Triumphs 47! A day late!

So I am a day late, but all I can say is that I have been busy and forgot. So only a day late is pretty good in my book. Today, I am busy making Ethan's birthday cake that he asked me to make. He is having a small party on Saturday even though his actual birthday is on Sunday.

1. Kellen learned a few notes on the French Horn! This is big because now he sounds like he is trying to make music rather than just loud noise.

2. Ethan loves playing the new tether ball at the school. He is also having a great time at school! He even has a girlfriend (don't tell him that I told you)

3. Jared and I went to a class last Saturday. It was Home Brewing 101. We had a great time! It is the only class that I have ever been to that you were encouraged to drink alcohol during class! We loved it so much that we brewed our first batch on Sunday. If you want to see pictures of our brewing you may check out our brewing blog HERE! We will see in three or four weeks if we lucked out and our first brew is drinkable.

4. The litter is still being scooped!

Have a great week!

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