Let The Force Be With You!

Sunday night we decided to carve pumpkins. Now every year we say that when we do we will buy a drop cloth so that it is easier to clean up. And every year we forget the drop cloth and use garbage bags. This year was no exception. No drop cloth just garbage bags were used. But the boys had fun and I did not have to help very much at all!The boys cutting the top off of their pumpkins
Ethan working REALLY hard
Kellen trying to get the top of his pumpkin off
Something ate the top of Kellen's pumpkin while it was outside
Ethan scooping out the guts. This is something that I never thought that I would see. In the past just being in the room where carving is being done makes him gag. And don't even think about getting a seed on his foot, there might have been a lot more than gagging. But check out his face he is none too happy that he had to do it this year.
Kellen scooping
The guts
Check out his face in the above and below picture. He had that face on the whole time he was scooping

More scooping
Ethan getting his pumpkin ready to carve
Kellen getting all the dots so he can carve his pumpkin

Ethan's Pumpkin, it has the Republic Symbol on it
Kellen's Captain Rex
Captain Rex lit up!

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