Happy 8th Birthday Ethan!

On Saturday we celebrated Ethan's eighth birthday. We went to a bowling alley in the area. I love going somewhere cause then I don't have to clean my house before or after the party. Ethan had his "girlfriend" come and some of our friends. We all had a good time. I even got a strike (without the bumpers)! Ethan bowling
Becca being cute
Ethan the candy corn vampire
D being goofy
Kellen helped Becca bowl all day. It was so cute to watch
The snake cake that I made Ethan
More of the snake cake
The face while we were singing to Ethan
The cake with the candles lit
Ethan opening presents
Logan and Becca checking out the movie that Ethan got
Lori and Richard gave Ethan a very cute pillow case. Lori made it and I have to say that it is cute!
Ethan on his birthday! He looks 8. We got him a new bike! He was too big for his other one. Kellen and Ethan rode around the neighborhood today.

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