Flowers Class 2!

In class this week we worked with Royal Icing. I must say that it is a pain to work with. If it even touches something that had grease in it at one time it would melt. So you have to pre-wash everything because if a tip has touched butter cream icing which has grease in it your icing may be ruined. Now, I did like that you can make flowers and keep them until they break. So I can make a ton now and bring them out when I need them. They get really hard and could shatter if I dropped them. I was also amazed at how quickly they start to dry.These are apple blossoms that I made. I made them in purple because I felt like it. That is what I love about making my own flowers is that I don't have to make them the same colors that they are in nature I can make up my own colors!
Rosebuds. These are difficult to make and I have been practicing all week now. I still can't get them to look as good as I could in class.
A close up of the rosebud

The last flower that we made in class was the primrose. I am not sure if I like them or not. They seem a little big for my taste. But hey you never know when you will need to make a primrose and now I know how to do it!!!!

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