Tiny Triumphs 5!

WOW! What a week it has been here! Busy, busy, busy were the words of the week. I love it but things have been slipping, like the cleaning. I am hoping to get a better feel of how things are working now that I I have been in school for over a month.

1. I took a Sociology test last week and I kicked it's butt! I was really worried about it because I did not feel like I knew anything. But I was wrong, I got a 97%! I also got a 97% on my Maths test! I am kicking school butt!!!

2. We registered Kellen for Junior High on Thursday night! Where is the time going? I am not sure that I am ready to be the parent of a Jr. High student. I guess I don't really have any choice but I am sure that I am not that old yet.

3. Ethan is loving his guitar! He is learning that practicing is no fun but he still does it. Jared and I have to watch him because he would rather play around than practice what his teacher wants him to. He can play For He's A Jolly Good Fellow!

4. Jared is almost done with his Accounting class. I think that he has like two weeks left. Then he is onto Speech. He is really nervous but I know he will do fine.

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