Tiny Triumphs 4!

I am updating the blog while at the library at school. Why? Well, I am putting off studying for a Sociology test. I think I have it down but I am worried. So if I don't take my mind off of it I will go nuts. But you already are nuts you say! Well, that is true but I don't want to turn into the crazy lady who roams the halls of this University with drool coming out of the sides of my mouth and moaning instead of talking. Kind of a funny picture if you ask me. Ohhhh, add in that I will be wearing my pajamas when that is going on and the picture is complete! So I guess I will get on with this so I can continue reading.

1. I am getting an A in Maths! That is a surprise to me and I am sure all who know me. Maths is not my strong suit but I am getting it this time. I am not sure if it is my age or what but I actually like going to Maths class. By the way I call it Maths class because there is more than one Math problem! So I go to Maths class!

2. Kellen gets to register for Junior High next week! Where in the heck has the time gone? He should still be about five. Rude how they grow up and in turn make me old.

3. Ethan is really a big goof. Lately he has been trying to turn everything into a joke. He is not always successful but he tries.

4. The boys are planning a BIG weekend of playing games and watching movies. I think we are even going to buy a new game to play. We were thinking Settlers of Catan. I will let you know how it goes!

Have a great week! Now, I will go back to studying!

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