Tiny Triupmphs 6!

Yikes, another week has sped by. Where does the time go? If you ever figure out the answer let me know!

1. The boys and I had a snow day on Wednesday! The boys loved it, I however was sick. But at least I did not miss any school.

2. Kellen is helping out this weekend for Solo and Ensemble. He is just going to be a runner but he will get to see some of it so he can participate in it in the next few years!

3. I am cutting caffeine out of my diet. So if I see you in the next few days don't make eye contact and keep walking. No, I won't be too terrible.

4. Ethan is learning how to play songs on guitar. I can tell what he is playing and everything!

I am getting a card reader for my computer over the weekend so that I can put pictures up again. I got a new laptop a month or so ago and it does not have a slot for the card from my camera and without it I am lost. Jared says I can just plug in the camera but that seems like a lot of work. I mean I would have to find the cord. That could take years!

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