Fresh Kitchen!

About a year ago Jared and I got a new bed. Well, the bed did not fit up the stairs. So our nice landlord let us extend the doorway! We had said that we would fix the opening and also paint the kitchen. It took us almost a year but it is now done! I think it looks amazing!This is the ugly half up border that was like that when we moved in. So I took it down!
One corner, see how dingy it looks, wait til you see the finished product
The door we needed to make bigger to get the bed upstairs
The kitchen island
The cabinets, make sure you notice the brown brick!
One last picture of the "old" kitchen
A week later and a lot of time and muscle aches, it is done!
No more ugly border!
Check out the wood work that Jared did! I think it looks amazing!
The island with the painted bottom!
The cabinets! I think it looks awesome! What do you think?

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