Last Concert

Last week was Kellen's last Elementary Band Concert.  I only teared up a little bit so I think that that is a win!  I love hearing how all the instruments sound together.  At home all I hear is one part of the song.  Most of the times without the rest of the instruments I have a rough time telling what song is being played.  I am not a musically talented person, and I am okay with that.
                                              There is Kellen ready to play
                                                        Kellen playing
                                                               More playing.

They played the Star Spangled Banner at the beginning and did that really well.  They ended the concert the way that bands in Wisconsin always end their concerts with On Wisconsin!!!

I have to tell you that they changed blogger on me and I am not that used to it yet.  So expect some weirdness until I get a handle on it.

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