A Quick Update

I may be getting this Blogger thing down!  I think that it may be easier in the long run!  I just wanted to update everyone on how things in the Teche household is going.  Jared is now done with his Public Speaking class and is glad to be done!  I am getting ready to finish up my first semester.  Next week is the last week of classes and then the week after is finals.  I can not wait for a little bit of not doing homework!  The boys are almost done with school as well.  They counted and only have  eighteen days left!

We are going to be gardening again this year.  We actually have two plots at the Community Garden and one at home.  We hope to up our production this year so we have enough to can this summer. 

With all of in school things that we used to do a lot have gone away.  This summer we are going to bring them back.  There will be bike rides, games, relaxing, and fun!  We are planning a vacation when the kids get out of school!  We will have some time as a family and I for one am excited.  We are planning on spending a few days at Mall of America and see all that they have to offer.  Then we will be driving to Mt. Rushmore with a stop at Wall Drug on the way!  Sounds like so much fun!!!

Well, there you have it!  What we are up to.  Once school is out for me I will update the blog more often!
                          And I leave you with a picture of a clean Ethan and a tired kitty!

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