The Zoo

We went to the zoo while we were in St. Louis. This is a MUST when we are there. I love it! The boys get tired out! And it is free! What more could you ask for? The boys learning about different animals
Learning about an armadillo
A lazy bear!
Holding his head up was just too much for this bear
A penguin! This is my favorite part. You can get right up close and see them swimming. Sometimes you even get splashed!
This guy is cooling off by an air conditioning vent
A crazy puffin!
Kellen on the carousel
Ethan being strange on the carousel
James on the carousel. He does not like this so we were all amazed that he wanted to go on with the boys
Ethan being strange, James, and Kellen
Kellen, oops, I mean a monkey
Ethan, whoops, a chimp
The only snow I saw in St. Louis
Snapping turtles
A lizard
It was too hard to hold his head up
Some kind of crocodile thing
A lizard in the water
Another Lizard
If I had this turtle I would have to name it Lumpy
Check out the black giraffe
I think that this is a Horn Bill
Toucan Sam
The boys by the Ape. I think there is a picture of me and Ben by this when we were kids

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