The Boy With No Chores

Could you have lived without a TV until your teens? My grandfather, Raymond Packard, didn't get his first TV until his teens. He was born in the year 1949. The hospital he was born in was Poynette Hospital in Lodi, WI. His dad sold real-estate, was an auctioneer, and was a state assembly's man. His mom was a secretary for his father, and worked for Cuna (Q-na) after his dad died. His ancestors came from Norway. They settled in New York, then Chicago, and finally Wisconsin. Now my grandpa lives in Middleton, WI.

He lived in Lodi when he was growing up. He had one sister and three brothers. He had no chores. He played softball, wiffle ball, football, and red rover with the neighborhood kids. He went to Lodi Elementary for elementary school. In school he had no computers and had to use the chalk board for teachers to write things. The things he liked were Art, Science, school plays, and curling.

He remembered the Blockade of Cuba and when Kennedy was killed. He thinks that when Kennedy was killed was the most famous.

He didn't have computers, Drive-in Restaurants, or a TV. His life changed by wanting new things and getting new things.

I think that I will remember school, the teachers I had, and game systems. I think that is was harder growing up back then and it's easier at this time. I enjoyed everything that I learned about my grandpa. I'd like to sum up my thoughts by saying, "Listen to your grandparents, they know more than you think they do."

This is what Kellen wrote for school. He interviewed Bumpa and wrote a great essay!

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