Tiny Triumphs 16

First, I have to say sorry. I missed a week with Tiny Triumphs. All I can say is that real life got in the way.

It is looking pretty dreary outside now but I have to say that it feels more like spring! I drove by the bank today and it said that it was 50 degrees out today! Too bad it had to rain most of the day.

Here we go!

1. We rearranged the boys room and they seem to love it! It makes it feel more grown up in there.
Some of the art work that they had up in there came down. So now they have posters and such up.

2. The boys have been putting away their own clothes. I love this! I must say that it helps Jared and I out a lot!

3. The litter is still being scooped! And the kitty is being fed everyday! For some reason Lily likes to eat on a daily basis. Not sure where she got that idea from? (No we really do feed and water her daily)

Hope you have a great week!

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