Tiny Triumphs

I got this idea from a friend that has a blog. It is just about me posting about small things that we have done as a family (or just the boys) that may be tiny when taken by themselves but ADD up to HUGE things! So the name I have given it is Tiny Triumphs. I will post new ones about once a week or so.

1. The boys have scooped the kitty litter every single day for a week now! That is great! Then Jared or I don't have to do it.

2. Jared installed a program for the computers that the boys use. This program blocks all bad things from being able to be seen!

3. Kellen has started on a project that is not due for more than a week!

4. Ethan can now bite his food. One of his new front teeth is coming in. This makes it so much easier for him to eat!

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