Tiny Triumphs 4

Here we are again another week of Tiny Triumphs!

1. Jared cleaned out quite a bit of junk that has been sitting around for YEARS! He found some good stuff and some stuff that I thought that I was missing! My sewing stuff is the big thing!

2. The litter is still being scooped!

3. We moved the furniture in the living room! It seems so much more spacious now. We also made room for the Christmas tree that will go up sometime next week. The boys and I want a real one this year. I feel that a real one will be harder for the kitty to knock over.

4. I have made three dinners of pork in the last week or so! Kellen raised the pigs this summer with Grandma Schumacher, Great Grandma Schumacher, and Great Grandpa Schumacher. He had a blast this summer and we are having some good meals. I have made BLTs, Pulled Pork Sandwiches, and Pork Chops so far. I am still looking for some new pork recipes, so if you have any ideas let me know!

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