Holiday Parade 2009

Last night Jared and I took the boys to see the Fort Holiday Parade. We have gone every year since we moved here. It is always a good time. The kids get to dive for candy and they get tons of it! This year the weather was beautiful! It was not raining or freezing as it has been in the past.The boys with their hot chocolate waiting for the parade to begin
The flag
Fire Truck
Ethan enjoying the floats
Some motorcycle riders. This was one of the boys favorites
Here is another favorite! The local Remaxx realtor brought half of a hot air balloon. They are the ones with the hot air balloons in their commercials. He then pulled the cord and sent flames shooting up! The boys loved it!
A float from our neighboring city, Jefferson.
A garbage truck all lit up for the holidays. Jared and I agreed that they had to have cleaned that thing so well before the parade. In case you were wondering, they were not handing out garbage as treats.
Another float. This one was Santa's Workshop. Santa and Mrs. Clause brought the parade to a close. I have to say that this years was the biggest and the best parade yet. It also helps to get me in the Holiday Spirit!

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