The Museum Of Bells!

On Thursday night we went to see Ethan's holiday program. It was the best one yet! Nobody got hurt! The program was called The Museum of Bells. We got to hear a lot of songs about bells and other instruments and learned about small bells to the Liberty Bell! Very entertaining and informational! Ethan and his friends playing the kazoo
Ethan and his friends
Ethan and snowflake hands
More of Ethan

The stage
These ladies and gentlemen came in to play the bells. It was one of the neatest things I have ever seen.

Here is a video of the kids singing. Sorry it is so shaky. I can't hold still while I am laughing. Also, you may have noticed that some of the pictures were dark or blurry. Well, I have some opinions on this. I think it is because the camera is too big to fit into my pocket.....LOL In reality it is just the need for a small tripod and some reading up on the camera that I have.

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